Sunday, December 14, 2008

quick snapshot.

20081106_windows_0002, originally uploaded by justinjeffery.

another descriptor shot. let me describe what I see, clockwise, starting at 730.

I've uncovered sponge bob and his house. just figured I could live with it. except, I've got that good bar, which seems to work really well for my ties. so, it's still a little covered. speaking of ties, I'm looking for that next big pattern. I've got a bunch of diagonal lines, paisley, and solids. What's NEXT? (shout out to the ferrers). november had interesting weather. no snow when this shot was taken. I've got got my traditional plastic up now. it rattled last night in the high wind. just below the window, a little red dot signals heat coming from my floor heater. DeLonghi makes good heaters. A little on the expensive side, but I've found it to be well worth it. up. I should find some thread to fix those drape things. yes my windowsill is yellow. spanish church. I don't think I've been there for church since I moved in here. kind of strange. moving right. toilet paper for photoshoots and emergency situations. cds. dvds. canadian hat from PEI - I really enjoy wearing it. bright lights from my imac and display. I enjoy 2 screens. I think everyone should do it. down. 2 down comforters and 3 pillows. it gets cold in my room.

thanks for reading.

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