Thursday, November 13, 2008

what the world thinks.

so, most of the world applauds the US election of Barack Obama. Not hard to believe; George W has had a notorious effect on world politics. The election of Obama, however, has been notable in terms of race relations, etc. Today, our speaker at chapel made the comment that while most of the world applauds the election of an african-american, most would not elect someone who appears to be a minority. The fact that the US has elected a "minority" goes to show how progressive we are in this country in terms of race relations.

Now, without going into this whole mess of half-white, half-black issue - which could contribute to my blog entry, but should really be saved for another day - I just want to point out that most other countries don't have the immigrant history of the americas. (or at least I'm not fully aware of similar examples, and will take comments on the topic). And most countries don't have such a visual mix of cultures.

The olympics, for example, are startling image of diversity in the americas - particularly the US and Canada. I thought it was interesting to see country after country parading through the stadium, everyone similarly dressed, but also mostly racially homogenous within their country - until the US and Canada marched in. And think of the names: white Michael Phelps, black Kobe Bryant, japanese-american Haley Ishimatsu, hazelton bc wrestler Carol Huynh (yes, hazelton - our first gold medal in Beijing!), hurdler Priscilla Lopes-Schliep (what a name), mixed decathlete Bryan Clay. Lots of examples.

The world has seen our diversity for quite some time - maybe this election is like we're making it official.

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