Saturday, May 05, 2007

food in roommate setting.

so, there's that unfortunate occasion in roommate living, when food essentially dies in the fridge because no one knows who bought it. when you all are randomly in the kitchen, the question arises, and there's a moment of sadness that we've let the food go to waste. and how for some time you've really wanted to eat that food item, but you were never sure it was yours, and you could have been eating it all along. bah. so long neglected eggs, you half-drank bottles of cranberry juice, the tortilla chips now stale, tomatoes on the verge of black, never to come back, and all the olive garden leftovers in containers.


Zaak said...

Sadly, it happens when you're married too.

Sistah Girl said...

it also happens when you live by yourself.

Anonymous said...

It also happens when your belly is full of soup that you have no reason or inclination to search the fridge for food the DOES belong to you.. sigghhh