Friday, April 27, 2007

thrash rock

here's a real deep post, speaking to the recent upsurge in glam 80s style heavy metal bands coming back to the mainstream.

why are the some of the roughest looking bands known mainly for their soft core ballads? It's such a weird combo - the rebellious visage singing about being hopelessly ill in love, etc, etc. is it the female market equivalent? are most women not really interested in the music at all, but like the idea of a soft guy inside a rough exterior. (why am I typing I really care.)

Except I wish that people could enjoy music for music. And I wish bands would be valued for producing good music not based on the market. But it's business, blah, blah. too bad music can be quantified and modified, pimped and packaged. I'll have to think about that further.

I like soft music, I like hard music. I really like the idea that a band could be successful playing hard music without having to pull in a few gushing ballad singles to sell the record. Therefore I like bands like the White Stripes, Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, Tea Party, Jimmy Eat World.

and I am so done with Hinder.

but these cats...who knows.


Zaak said...

Dude, remember Saigon Kick? "Love is on the Way"

Guns and Roses "November Rain" CLAS-SIC!

Lordi! Eek. Frickin' AWESOME! HARD ROCK HALLELUJAH! I just can't understand. They're so funny.

James said...

dude, you need to write a book!!

dre said...

Ah, yes to enjoy music simply for the music. It's funny how music aside from the lyrics can by pass cultural lines. Ever listen to Japanese Hip-hop? Sat down and listen to a good Chinese rap piece? You may never understand the lyrics, but the creativity in the music is what brings you back to that particular song. Sometimes you just have to listen to the music, feel the music and put aside the words.