Wednesday, May 16, 2007

bathrooms and such

DSC_0029.jpg, originally uploaded by justinjeffery.

so, this is the second floor bathroom of the men's dorm at Columbia, and I was kind of rushing to shoot this pic and get out, you know stealth and all. But hey, this was some attention to detail, labeling all the urinals, sinks, and (I'm assuming) toilets. the thought that someone has a big master plan of the campus, gripping the phone, finger moving across a map, "you say U2 doesn't have a flavour disc - I'll be right over." I find that humorous.


vaughan said...

omg, i had the exact same thought process when i had the privilege of staying in the luxury of morrison hall... i just didn't actually go so far as to take my camera in there... :)

jefferyjustin said...

it's true - it's kind of spooky bringing a camera into a bathroom. but it was with me, so I said, what the.