Tuesday, January 24, 2012



I had the privilege to work with the above people for the North American Division Adventist Ministries Convention, hosted at the Innisbrook Resort in Tampa, Florida. While the resort had it's 70s charm, it was beautiful and refreshing. The convention, however was hectic and unexpected. Not in any bad way, just surprising. One shouldn't plan to relax while organizing, performing, traveling, sleeping, working, reminiscing, walking, talking.

I had such high hopes of dripping slowly into a resort pool with some newspaper and a year-old national geographic. and it just didn't happen. I'm regretful, but I'm not unhappy. Doing music efficiently, intentionally, beautifully (well, mostly) is something to be cherished. I'm happy to say that we pulled through a lot of music in a short time, with minimal train wrecks and sweaty foreheads. It was a blessing—for me if nobody else. which, having said that makes me feel old or mature, or somehow spiritually expressive, which is not my typical style.

more pics.


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