Tuesday, May 31, 2011

almost a year.

20110516_portraits_028, originally uploaded by justinjeffery.

this is what we look like now. life is good, busy, and full of learning lessons. humility is such a co-requisite, not only in marriage, but in life. proverbs says it too. I've also learned that working strategically is the key for non-traditional working. I've yet to make that my full reality. after passing the third decade, I've also found myself making less dreams. or maybe I've found myself questioning current dreams, with the intention of being ultimately satisfied with my achievements, rather than disappointed in my ability to act.

at this point in the post, I hurl, thinking how sophomoric this sounds. but then, maybe, life is truly cyclical, with certain lessons always needing to be re-learned, re-assessed, relatively speaking. circle game it is.

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Zaak said...

Ha ha. You're old.

Hey, I still have your wedding card. Send me your new address.