Saturday, November 08, 2008

in motion.

20070516_DSC_0040.jpg, originally uploaded by justinjeffery.

I thought of this while I was speeding by some great fall colors. not only does my sunday church provide thoughtful moments, but the routine, extended nature of the drive allows for some daydreaming.

I've decided that I like seeing things in motion.

the blur of red, yellow, green leaves along a michigan road, the movement of water past my windsurfer, the constant blur of the ground from an airplane, the difference between reading and watching.

and I'm sure it's a couple of things. I'm used to temporary things; I like to see things from a distance (either in time or visual space) and the connected ability to have the larger picture; I like the sense of accomplishment, the sense of travel; maybe I don't like to stand still, (but maybe I don't know what that means); I don't believe I'm resistant to change, I just want to make wise changes;

hmm. (not to be confused with the poor speech crutch, "umm").

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wordhabit said...

yes, you don't like to stand still :)