Sunday, June 01, 2008

I fall asleep in church

no, seriously, I do. and to my sunday church, I am sorry. if any of you are reading this, I am sorry. I have done some initial research into why I fall asleep, and the results aren't good. or at least, they come with more questions on christianity, demographics, denominationalism, mic-usage, padded pews, doctrine, repetition, laziness, and simple sleep patterns that I should get into.

In other news, I've now spent time at a Gaither Homecoming Concert (and may be on their mailing list). And I'm also considering the role of passive-aggressiveness in my life. Who gives it to me? who do I give it to? And, for all those who are in a relationship (at whatever stage), I'm watching you. I'm watching you.

1 comment:

Sarah Jane said...

We all fall asleep in church....some are just better at hiding it then others....I think it has to do with our crazy work week!