Thursday, September 13, 2007

Does anyone else feel like maybe they've reached the end of the internet, and maybe the more interesting part of life isn't connected by 0s and 1s?

news - check. blogroll - check. finances - check. apple site - check. - check. - check. my sense of discovery in the internet is at a standstill. I'm incredibly suspect of second life. friend networks always have a time limit. the internet just doesn't hold the same sense of importance to me anymore.

I'm getting old. officially.


Zaak said...

I'm with you. The internet seems to be stagnating. I don't miss it as much when I don't have access and I'm stuck doing the same stuff - watching Steve Jobs do a keynote or Homestarrunner cartoons or movie trailers or quick chicken scratches on people's walls and that's it.

Though I do use it for research quite often. I think it has become a utility and utilities aren't as exciting as they were when they first came out (microwaves, dishwashers, garden hoses).

Amber said...

I have been feeling that way lately too, that the internet just doesn't have the same attraction as it used to. Although I do feel extremely cut off from the rest of the world when we don't have it, so I shouldn't complain. And it's annoying that some of my friends/family don't bother with email so I have to try and communicate with them in other ways. I think if I was living on North America I would be much less dependent on the net.