Wednesday, August 08, 2007

endurable injuries

so, I'm slightly injured from racquetball on sunday. I've got a good welt on my left calf that did the good bruise transition - originally white center, red outer, transitioning now to the dark blue/purple hair roots, probably moving to the subtle green/blue interior. I've also got a bruise on my thigh, but no color change. Sunday's game was a little brutal; Uncle Larry jabbed his arm into the window brackets in the door and blood was all over his shirt and arm; I wacked him in the jaw with a return shot; and of course I got some intentional shots to my legs.

but it was a great game. It's probably the only place that I feel intensely competitive these days, and it's interesting to see how I act. I never like losing, but I can endure it much more if the match was good and I played well.

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