Saturday, July 14, 2007

whole foods addendum

And then you should ask these questions.

Justin, If that's how you really felt about "organic" foods,

1. why are you so cheap that you couldn't support their idealistic aims?
2. do you not feel worthy enough to eat healthier food?
3. why do you hate the intelligently, intellectually, hip and coolly marketed brand names, with large green posters of tomatoes and barley, and wide assortments of vegan salads and whole wheat sandwiches?


wordhabit said...

yeah, you're definitely a've got the jargon down. that's the first sign of haterdom.

but truly, i guess we have to focus not on the system that gives us organic but on the food itself. yet, how often do we allow the system to dictate how we interact with the product? too often...

btw, did i really just read the word "cheap"? and was it really used in relation to you? wow. a new day has dawned. hehe

Zaak said...

don't they have farmer's markets there? Why don't you cut out the corrupt middle men and get your celery from a guy in overalls and rubber boots with a piece of straw hanging out of his mouth?