Monday, July 23, 2007

senator mccain

I attended the Economic Club of Southwestern Michigan tonight, and had my first taste of in-person politics. I've never been to a rally, or a formal debate, nor have I really seen a big-name politician in-person. And I really should've asked a question. I had a few formulated towards foreign policy, status of the US vs the United Nations, and other general US vs the world questions.

but, overall, I must say I was disappointed with Senator McCain. I had such big hopes that he was going to dissect the topics carefully, exposing the complexity and importance within each. but both his speech and his answers during the Q&A were full of the same electionspeak. And they were particularly American. I mean, yes, we're in America, but do you have to extol the virtues of only America? I don't remember one detail mentioned about how the US should contribute to world society - except how the US should lead it. hence my desire to ask a question about the UN.

I really wanted to ask, "how do you/will you restore world trust in the United States?"

The Iraq war sucks for the lives lost, the constant insurgency, the fear of terrorism, alqueda in Iraq, etc, etc, but the US has lost world confidence. I would posit that it will take a good part of the century to remedy faith in the United States and the american dream.

oh, and I support the troops.


Zaak said...

Today's US democracy is no better than 1965 USSR's. They had elections too, but all the candidates were the same.

Sistah Girl said...

Forget McCain. I'm all about Barack Obama