Saturday, June 16, 2007

sponge bob

Img047.JPG, originally uploaded by justinjeffery.

Yes, I live in the jellyfish fields. It's not so bad. I usually have the majority of the mural covered. It's more likely that I'll rip down the primary color fan above my head than paint over sponge bob.

We had mediterranean potluck last week. I turned total geek and set up my camera upstairs which networked with a mac downstairs to display the shots in a slideshow format.

I worked with automator which is something I'd never worked with before - the process was basically: nikon camera control dumped the picture on to the desktop, automator was set to detect any jpgs dumped on the desktop and move them into a specific album in iPhoto, deleting the original on the desktop. It turned out pretty slick.

check out our potluck attendees.


Zaak said...

You've confused me.

You have SpongeBob on your bedroom wall?

Were you projecting photos that were taken at intervals at the potluck?

Did you have but these 3 potluck attendees?

jefferyjustin said...

sorry. I am assuming a variety of things.

1) you've been told I live in room previously housing children, and for their enjoyment, their parents had sponge bob characters painted around the room. It really is a conversation starter for me.

2) we have 3 macs in the house, so we perched one downstairs playing the specific shared album from my computer.

3) click the pic and you should be able to go to my flickr account and see everyone else.