Thursday, June 07, 2007

basket of flowers

20070516_DSC_0036.jpg, originally uploaded by justinjeffery.

While in Washington, DC, we took a boat cruise up the potomac river, right up by Watergate, Kennedy Center, Lincoln Memorial, Reagan National, Virginia, Georgetown, and truly had a great time. It was a little cool, but really a nice evening. Lots of planes taking off, low wispy clouds to contain the shine of the city, etc.

On the pier, this man was peddling out flowers to the tourists waiting to board the boat. If I remember correctly, he didn't speak fluent english. I look at this picture, and I really enjoy the vibrancy of the flowers, the careful arrangement in the basket, just the simple beauty.

It's unsettling to me though. Could a street seller really be capable of selling such genuine beauty? Do I always equate this type of commerce to the cheap and fake?

this thought is so incomplete. It is too late. goodnight.


Zaak said...

I look at it completely different. It's like buying tomatoes from a farmers' market as compared to Safeway - which one is of better quality? Living in Guatemala, you can buy almost anything on the street and the only thing that I can think of that is never better quality on the street is electronics and watches.

The photo is amazing.

What is funny to me is that this guy is probably an illegal - and he gave you one of your most beautiful images of Washington DC. There's a problem.

wordhabit said...

so complete it....