Monday, April 16, 2007

music store workers

I hit up Woodwind Brasswind this evening. Needed to grab a chromatic tuner so I could properly tune up the piano in the living room. It's about a 1/4 under, with some incredibly bad notes. The pins are a little loose, so I'm not that hopeful that my tweaks will last.

But, hey, the topic. it was remarkable, and indeed I am remarking, how, at the cashier station there were three of what I would call musicians in waiting. let me give a brief visual. There was a white guy with long hair (of the 80s heavy metal persuasion), a white guy with thin dreadlocks (circa 90s Rage against the machine), and then another white guy with dark black hair (the current emo rage). And it just killed me, how each decade was represented in front of me - all these people that desperately wanted (want) to do music but have to make do selling recorders, cheap guitars, music stands and in tonight's case, a chromatic tuner. And maybe they are satisfied.

True, they're selling music.

So, I guess songwriting and performance all stem from a desire for self-expression.

Have I talked with you about my myspace theory?


wordhabit said...

oh please, do tell, what is your myspace theory? that it's simply another trap? that it stunts growth instead of encouraging it? or could your theory be happy...?

Zaak said...

I think their selling an idea of music.

Did you mean "Have I talked with you about my space theory?" and out of habit wrote "myspace" instead of space? In either case, the answer is no. Pray tell. Does it have anything to do with prostitute ads?