Friday, March 30, 2007

thurs continued

but, the foot washing is so extraordinary. (and that's not extra ordinary, that is extraordinary in the good british accent). there is something so humbling in washing someone else's feet. I don't even intentionally wash my own feet - they don't get that dirty, and I trust showering removes most of the toejam.

So, but it's so humbling, and it's service. It's the premise of Christianity, it's the tangible part of communion. Remember how Christ served us. now serve!

And part of me thinks it's good we don't do it too often, cause routine can't be good for it's significance. I don't like to put down the bread and grape juice - maybe I'm jaded after taking communion every month playing for sunday churches, cycling the same hymns, fountain filled with blood, etc, and thinking how we just did this 4 weeks ago.

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Zaak said...

In the past few years I´ve understood the "when ever you eat bread and drink wine" to mean just that - each time we sit down to eat, we should remember His sacrifice. I guess that kind of negates the specialness you are talking about - making it rarer to appreciate it more.