Saturday, March 03, 2007

precious sleep.

this past week has been a good kicker week. I just finished this really cool side project (thanks melayne), and am now schooled in motion design. It's a cool genre - and I'll be looking at TV in a whole new light. But work has also been kicking my butt. Some late nights working on projects. I'll be honest, though - middle of the night isn't that bad. I have quite positive memories of all-nighters at CUC and AU. Anyways. sleep is precious, and I'm in a deficit.


Sistah Girl said...

thanks again Justin for the awesome vid!

Zaak said...

I love working in the middle of the night too. It's the rest of the week that is ruined for me that I prevents me. You're getting old.

Jeff and Nicol Clark said...

And remember, it will take years off the end of your life :P