Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I was just thinking how nutritious my childhood was on the way home today. With the exception of brussel sprouts and swiss cheese (and goat cheese, because of my semi lactose-intolerance), I pretty much ate anything. And we had a diverse menu too. Soupy cauliflower and egg curry over basmati rice, chimichangas (which probably expedited my father's diabetes - but so good), mushroom/tofu/bean sprout egg rolls, huge, gigantic, and I mean gigantic, we're talking potato-sack size bags of cheese puffs (or at least that's what I remember - I was young and impressionable), and fruit salad, popcorn, english muffin pizzas for saturday supper (who said adventist).

So, I ate healthy.
except for one thing.

melted cheese.
slab of cheese on a plate, microwave 15seconds for gooey, 25seconds if you want it crispy.

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