Sunday, January 14, 2007

Old White Churches

So again, this topic of christian churches, populations, and my generation. Why don't we see middle-aged people in church? My sunday church today was missing them today.

I support Willow Creek, but can I really support it when I'm not a witness to their overall activities? Are they really only a model for urban (or SUV suburban) communities? Can smaller churches ever hold the same appeal? How can smaller churches match the draw from larger, innovative churches? And is it hard for older churches to appear innovative in old churches.

I know I'm personally biased to the music, and will choose a church based on their music, or in berrien case, if not involved with music, will hit New Life and then PMC. I'm a defector. But I can be.

Funny, I sat in on New Life for the sermon this weekend. So maybe not a solid rule. So, but it was a oration of a MLK sermon, and King makes a statement on 2 classes of negro churches. One was caught in being stale, and the other "may have more religion in their hands and feet than in their hearts and souls." I may too be guilty.

While on the topic, I'm googling MLK sermons and not finding transcripts that match what I remember from yesterday. They mostly match, but words are different. Are there different versions? Someone educate me. And, if you're orating an MLK sermon, is it respectful to end your oration and jump straight into your own call-and-response addition? I was a little offended for Dr. King. But I can be educated.

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Zaak said...

I think that church should be cultural. The old white church is a culture unto itself and doesn't really have anything to do with current culture. So, may they R.I.P. If it's irrelevant, it's irrelevant.

I don't know enough about MLK. I should know more.