Friday, January 05, 2007

I am arrogant.

Running through the check out today, at Meijer, my preferred grocery retailer, in the face of all you Martin's devotees, I decided that I had a special ego regarding my ability to eat fruits, vegetables, and generally healthy food. This was of course in comparison to the pounds of beef, chicken fried steak, powdered mashed potatoes, beer, candy canes, etc, in the shopper's cart ahead of me.

Of course, I qualify - my ability. I had 3 cheese pizzas in my cart. They were on sale.


Sistah Girl said...

I love Meijers. Everytime I used to visit Andrews I would ask Myla if we could go there.

Jeff and Nicol Clark said...

How often I have noted similar contents in the cart ahead of me in Meijers - including enough pop and alcohol to sink a small fleet... :P