Friday, December 22, 2006

Floral print and the crazies

I've seen a lot in my 26 years of Christianity, and in particular, I've seen a lot of different Christians performing in a variety of Christian environments. In the Adventist church, and maybe in a wider circle than an I realize, the crazies have a certain look (consider those who constantly wear floral print dresses to church).

But first, some background. I filled in for a church in Dowagiac, 4 weeks before Christmas, playing for service and the choir. For those in musical circles, their regular pianist is a member of the Toradze Piano Studio at IUSB, and the recent winner of a major competition in Minneapolis, which took him on a tour of Europe, etc, and led to my substitute position. I do feel quite unequal, but they were mostly positive with my music - so.

And so, a bunch of great people. The choir is full of the grey heads - not to be generalizing, but it is a distinguishing quality of this choir. And I could go on about how I see huge issues with old protestant denominations, and question how they will survive. another post.

but so, ok, there was this one lady in the choir. She sits in the back with the men singing tenor, looks maybe 55, maybe a librarian, maybe a teacher, something academic and introspective - she speaks well, but only when she has something to say (of course, this is what I perceive after 4 weeks).

Ok, so the issue semi-worthy of a blog. I'm generally not one to notice what people are wearing, etc, but this was so blatant, so intentional. Imagine: one of those typical pregrant mother dresses, in white, maybe a farm style, hmm, I have no idea what it's called, anyway, homely, now with patches of some floral print, also used for the pockets, with a bright red turtleneck underneath, and this is the kicker - shiny silver shoes. This was her choice for the Xmas program.

Now, I haven't talked with her extensively, but she could be a part of the crazies.

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