Saturday, October 21, 2006

my shower

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alright, time for a bizarre, off-the-beaten-track, what the, kind of post. So today, while showering, I noticed hair on my shower ceiling. hair from my head, don't worry, but on the ceiling. I don't usually touch my shower ceiling, and if I do, it is unintentional and I do not linger on the ceiling. So, the question, the dramatic question is, how does hair get on my shower ceiling?

of course, I really don't care that hair is on my ceiling, I mean, I'll clean it up here tomorrow, but it's most alarming, as it shows that hair is leaving my head in great masses. Twice now, I've been in the front row of PMC, and the jibbed camera catches my head in the bottom right corner. and I'm going bald. I've been holding on to hair right now, thinking that this crazy, long-hair look is something good. I think I'll cut it tomorrow.

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Zaak said...

You're definitely on to something. First the shower. Then the jarring above the head images. Next it will be all over your pillow.

Post a picture of your haircut when you do it.